ISCMNS distributes software as a service to its members without necessarily testing or endorsing the products.


The PCNUDAT (Personal Computer NUclear DATa) is a Windows program which gives access to 5 basic data-bases:-

  • nuclear level properties

  • level decay gamma information

  • nuclear ground / metastable state properties

  • nuclear radiations from radioactive decay

  • thermal neutron cross sections and resonance integrals

To properly cite NuDat information retrieved using PCNUDAT we suggest the following text:

C.L. Dunford and R. R. Kinsey, "Nudat System for Access to Nuclear Data. IAEA-NDS-205 (BNL-NCS-65687), IAEA, Vienna, Austria (July 1998).   Information extracted from the NuDat data base, version of 17-Mar-2004, using the PC version of the program NuDat.

PCNUDAT is not included on our internet site because it can be downloaded free of charge from

However it is included on the ISCMNS DVD-ROM at software/pcnudat by kind permission of Thomas W. Burrows, Brookhaven National Laboratory.

PCNUDAT won't run unless the appropriate directory, defined in pcnudat.cfg exists.
This directory defaults to c:\temp


ENSAP is an acronym for Exhaustive Nuclear Search and Analysis Program distributed by Heidi Ltd. It is documented here. You can find a functional demonstration version at ENSAP\ This should be run in an MS-DOS command line window.

Adobe Acrobat 7.08

ISCMNS has been licensed by Adobe Systems Inc. to distribute the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  On the DVD you can find version 7.08 (English, for Windows) here. AdbeRdr708_en_US.exe

CONVERT is a handy calculator for interconverting scientific and engineering units.  It is distributed as free software.