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News & Announcements

Inaugural meeting of SNMC 19 January 2016:  The French Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (Société Française de la Science Nucléaire dans la Matière Condensée or SNMC) was created in 2014 as a daughter organisation of the ISCMNS. Its mission is to offer public information about LENR to french speaking people.

The society is proud to announce its first french-speaking symposium will be held between March 18th to 20th in Avignon. This conference will also present unpublished 1989 experimental data of neutron measurements from CEA (French Nuclear Agency). A tribute to Georges Longchamps will be given by Jean-Paul Biberian along with sessions focused on theories, calorimetry, electrolysis and many other topics. Attention will be given to fostering collaboration between the scientific members of the audience.

All members of SNMC can become members of ISCMNS for 2016 without the payment of any fee.

JCMNS Volume 18  published

4 February  2016: Editor in Chief Jean Paul Biberian has released another volume of the peer reviewed Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.  The great majority of ISCMNS funds are now used to support JCMNS


Rules for the CMNS Forum

6 November 2015:  Moderator Haiko Lietz has updated the rules for the CMNS forum (a Google Group)

Tributes to Martin Fleischmann

The name of Martin Fleischman will remain forever in the history of science. He and Stanley Pons have showed great courage when they  publicly announced the existence of excess heat and the Cold Fusion. They put their professional reputation at great risk and won, because  many daring and talented scientists followed them in pursuit of new energy sources. And we see that the good old Cold Fusion is now emerging into a very powerful field focused at producing pure and cheap energy. We extend our deepest condolences and sympathy to the family and close  friends and all the scientists working in the field.
On behalf of all Russian Physical community:
Yury Bazhutov, Nataliya Famina, Irina Savvatimova, Alexander Karabut, Alexey Russetsky, Sergei Tsvetkov.

ISCMNS publishes ICCF14 Proceedings Online

15 November 2010:  By gracious permission of Prof. David Nagel, the entire contents of the Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science are now published on this site as volume 1 and volume 2.  The individual papers can also be accessed as usual via the ISCMNS library.

Industrial "Proton Reactor" announceded

24 February 2010:  In a private blog Prof. Sergio Focardi and Ing. Andrea Rossi claim to have demonstrated a multi-kilowatt thermal generator running on natural hydrogen / nickel.  www.journal-of-nuclear-physics.com

ISCMNS Executive Committee Election Results

16 December 2009:     Voting took place from 15 November to 15 December by email. Results are as follows:-

Edmund Storms (USA) 34 votes ELECTED
Yasuhiro Iwamura (Japan)      33 votes ELECTED
Paolo Tripodi (Italy) 27 votes ELECTED
Natalya Famina (Russia) 25 votes ELECTED
Tian Jian (China) 22 votes
Lawrence Forsley (USA) 16 votes

 Consequently the first 4 candidates above are elected and take their places on January 1st 2010 until December 31st 2011.

Dr Andrei Lipson

3 November 2009:     His colleague, Alexei Russetski gave the sad news yesterday that Dr Andrei Lipson suddenly died of cardiac insufficiency on Sunday 1st November aged 53.   Dr Lipson had a long history of contributions to ISCMNS.  In 2004 he was elected to the ISCMNS Executive Committee.  In 2006 participants at the Asti Workshop voted the Lipson the winner of the ISCMNS bronze medal for the best paper.   In 2008 he received the Giuliano Preparata Medal.  He leaves a wife and daughter.

Our Russian colleagues write this tribute.

We still cannot believe, that Andrey Lipson isn't with us anymore. We have suffered a terrible loss. Andrey was really one of the most talented and active Russian physicists. He was an outstanding man, both professionally and personally and he has done so much for CMNS/LENR field.  He was not only a well respected colleague but a very dedicated friend, nice and good-humoured person. It is a very painful loss for Russian scientific community that can never be replaced.

Nataliya Famina,
Irina Savvatimova,
Yury Bazhutov,
Alexander Karabut


Catania Proceedings published

6 June 2009:     New Energy Foundation is distributing copies of the Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium Loaded Metals held in Catania in 2007.  Note that the conference fees did not include a copy for attendees.

JCMNS Volume 2 published

10 May 2009: Editor in Chief Jean Paul Biberian has released the second volume of the peer reviewed Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.     JCMNS-Vol2.pdf.

ISCMNS signs research agreement with CNAM

19 January 2009:  ISCMNS today announced it had signed an agreement with Le Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (CNAM) in Paris, France  to finance a research program entitled, "Experimental Verification of the Pico-Chemistry Hypothesis".   The research will be headed by Dr Jacques Dufour of CNAM's nuclear science laboratories.  Funding is sourced entirely from private donations to ISCMNS made specifically for the project.  Under the terms of the agreement, ISCMNS will have the right to publish the results in JCMNS.

Reform of ICCF Conferences

August 2008  At ICCF14, Washington, the ISCMNS Annual General Meeting advised the the Executive Committee take the necessary steps to incorporate the IAC as a standing sub-committee continuing the gradual process of improving the efficiency, accountability and continuity of the ICCF series of conferences. (proposal) The International Advisory Committee, subsequently tasked Vittorio Violante (Chairman Elect) and Bill Collis (ISCMNS Chief Executive) to propose draft By-Laws to regulate the proposed merger.  These were discussed at ICCF15, Rome but the IAC has not made any decision.

ITER - Cost overruns before construction starts.

12 June  2008:   The recent design review of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), to be built in Cadarache, France suggests that the project will cost 25-30% more than expected and completion of construction may be delayed an extra 1-3 years.  Nature reports: Critics expect more cost hikes. “Personally, I think the price will double before it’s done,” says Stephen Dean, president of Fusion Power Associates, a research and educational foundation based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. http://www.nature.com/news/2008/080612/full/453829a.html  http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v453/n7197/full/453824a.html

Black Light Power announces 50 kW thermal generator.

28 May 2008:   BlackLight Power Inc. today announced the successful testing of a new energy source. The company has successfully developed a prototype power system generating 50,000 watts of thermal power on demand. Incorporating existing industry knowledge in chemical and power engineering, BlackLight Power (BLP) is pursuing the immediate design and engineering of central power plants utilizing the BlackLight Process. BLP plans on developing pilot plants with architecture and engineering firms with anticipated delivery in approximately 12 to 18 months. The BLP process has been replicated and validated by independent scientists and has received interest from financial institutions and power utility plant operators around the world. BLP plans on licensing its technologies. See http://www.blacklightpower.com/new.shtml See http://www.blacklightpower.com/new.shtml

1st Volume of JCMNS goes online.

17 October 2007  The JCMNS Editorial board chaired by Prof. Jean Biberian authorizes publication of the first volume the the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.

Akito Takahashi nominated ISCMNS Life Member.

At the 4th Annual General Meeting of the Society, the members advised the Executive Committee to nominate Prof. Akito Takahashi, outgoing ISCMNS president, a Life Member of the Society.  He joins other distinguished Life Members, Martin Fleischman, Brian Josephson, Yoshiaki Arata.  Life members are exempt from paying annual membership dues.

The Italian National Television broadcasts film on Fulvio Frisone.

February 2007:  RAI-1 broadcasted a TV dramatization of the life of Cold Fusion Physicist, Fulvio Frisone on Thursday 22nd February at 21:00.  The title of the film is, "Il Figlio della Luna" ("The son of the moon").  http://www.raifiction.rai.it/raifiction2006fiction/0,,2183,00.html   The film premier was shown at the Teatro Sangiorgi at Catania, Sicily after a press conference on February 19.   The Honourable Salvo Fleres, vice-president of the Sicilian Regional Assembly (parliament) announced that William Collis would be organizing the 8th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium Loaded Metals at Catania sponsored by the Fulvio Frisone Foundation.   The film was later shown at the workshop.

European Commission issues FP7 Calls for Proposals

22 December 2006:  http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/dc/index.cfm  ISCMNS is coordinating interest at Call for International Collaboration.

New Frisone Research Centre In Sicily

9th November 2006: The Mayor of the town of Melilli in Sicily, Italy, Hon. Pippo Sorbello signed a protocol of understanding with the Fulvio Frisone Foundation to set up a new research centre.  The building is  already undergoing renovation and is expected to open early next year.  Sebastiano Truglio, responsible for the protocol, was quoted as saying, "Considering the fame of Frisone, it is possible that foreign scholars will also contribute to the research".  www.ilpontesr.it/Archivio/28ott06.pdf (11 Mb in Italian).

Arata receives award from Emperor of Japan

27th October 2006: The Japanese Government released news on 5 winners of the Order of Culture in 2006. Yoshiaki Arata, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University is one of five. He is awarded for his great academic achievements in high temperature engineering and new welding science. The Order of Culture (Bunka-Kunsho) is the highest ranked award in Japan. The awarding ceremony was at the Imperial Palace, Tokyo on 3rd November, Culture Day in Japan.

Yoshiaki Arata is a member of ISCMNS and Japan CF-Research Society, and is well known with his DS cathode experiments which reveal large excess heat and 4He generation.

Italian National Television broadcasts on Cold Fusion  

20 October 2006: Italian National Television, RAI, has set up a web page giving access to an Italian language video (18 minutes, 14 Mb) http://www.rainews24.rai.it/ran24/inchieste/19102006_rapporto41.asp  and other documents in English.

Call for International Collaboration  

7th October 2006: Prof. Xingzhong Li made a call at the 7th Inyternational Workshop at Asti for international collaboration under the European Union's Framework Program 7.  Outline  Under Li's proposal, China would need to find 3 other collaborative partners in  different countries as well as individual evaluators of the proposal.  Interested parties should contact Li at lxz-dmp@tsinghua.edu.cn.  See http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/participation_txt.htm

ISCMNS as a registered Charity

September 2006: The Executive Committee has decided to register the Society with the Charity Commissioners in England.  For discussion see, ISCMNS as a Registered Charity.    The Extraordinary General Meeting of 25th September  for this purpose  unanimously approved the necessary changes to the Society's constitution, and the UK Charity Commission has now registered the Society.

ISCMNS Appointments

28 November 2005:  The Executive Committee has appointed Jed Rothwell, the webmaster of www.lenr-canr.org as ISCMNS Librarian.  His responsibilities include collecting and formatting contributions for the ICCF-12 Proceedings and can be reached at ICCF@mindspring.com.

The new Editor-in-Chief of the CMNS electronic journal is Prof. Jean Paul Biberian CMNSEditor@iscmns.org who takes over from Prof. Peter Hagelstein.

ISCMNS Life Membership

28 November 2005:  The Executive Committee have decided to institute a new category of Life Membership for those whose participation are deemed enhance the prestige of the Society.  The first two members are Martin Fleischmann and Yoshiaki Arata.  Life members are not required to pay any membership subscription fees but otherwise have all rights and responsibilities of members.  

CMNS Threads on Google

18 October 2005: Over the last few months a lively discussion on Cold Fusion has been taking place on-line at  http://groups-beta.google.com/group/cmns/  Join in!  It's run by Ludwik Kowalski and is independent of the CMNS journal and ISCMNS.

BNL helps ISCMNS again with Nuclear Wallet Cards!

23 September 2005:  Brookhaven National Laboratories http://www.nndc.bnl.gov have generously donated to ISCMNS a number of Nuclear Wallet Cards (actually pocket size booklets) containing a vast amount of nuclear data.   This 7th edition is very up to date having been printed in April 2005.  It is unlikely that further editions will be published so take advantage!

Laboratory Accident in Japan

On January 24, 2005 at around 4:00 p.m. an explosion occurred during a plasma electrolysis experiment being performed by Mizuno in the Quantum Energy Engineering Section.  Details can be found at Accident Report.

DOE Review Published

1 December 2004: The US Department of Energy has now published its "Report of the Review of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" which concludes that the "field would benefit from the peer-review processes associated with proposal submission to agencies and paper submission to archival journals". http://www.science.doe.gov/Sub/Newsroom/News_Releases/DOE-SC/2004/low_energy/index.htm

 Italian High School (Lyceum), "Augusto Monti" replicates John Dash's Cold Fusion Demonstration

14 March 2004:  For over a month italian high school students have been attempting to replicate Prof. John Dash's (Portland State University, Oregon, USA) experiment which was shown to the public at MIT last August.  This time the experiment has been conducted in the school laboratory simply following the written instructions and coordinated by Bill Collis.  The purpose is to teach the students basic laboratory procedure and to show the world that thermal anomalies can be demonstrated even with limited resources.   Students were divided into 3 teams.  The "chemists" prepared the cells, the "engineers" connected the electronics and data acquisition PC, whilst the "film crew" recorded the procedures on camera and video.

After some initial difficulties, anomalous temperatures were first shown to the press on Saturday evening.  The audience was enthralled to see the temperature of the experimental cell (containing deuterium) catch up and overtake the control cell (containing ordinary hydrogen).  Both cells contain sulphuric acid, and the same current and voltage is applied to them.  At steady state, the experimental cell was about ten degrees hotter.

A public demonstration was also successfully made on the afternoon of Friday, 19 March.   ISCMNS has received a number of queries from other High Schools in France and Italy interested in repeating this experiment.

27 September 2004:  The Scientific Lyceum, "Leonardo da Vinci", an Italian High School in Milan, reported (also at ICCF11) on their successful replication of the Dash experiment.

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