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Membership of the Society

You can find the current list of members here.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.   Although we are a multi-disciplinary scientific society, many non scientists including politicians, journalists, industrialists and educators have an interest and a contribution to make.

The Society is a limited liability corporation but members are not shareholders.  They do not own the Society and they cannot sell or transfer their membership.  Their liability in the case that the Society cannot pay its debts is limited to 1 each.

You can join by signing the Individual application form and sending it to the address on the form.

Institutions and firms should apply using this Institutional Application Form.   Currently institutional members may nominate an unlimited number of representatives and all will be entitled to discounts for ISCMNS services.  However all members of whatever category have only 1 vote each.   ISCMNS will consider waiving membership fees for any Institution which offers ISCMNS membership to their own organization without payment.

The annual fees payable are set out in the By-Laws according to membership category.  Lower income individuals may not need to pay any membership fee at all. 

The annual membership fees expire at the end of the calendar year regardless of when you join.  However those joining in the last two months of the year are considered to have paid until 31st December of the following year.

Strictly speaking you do not become a legal member of the Society until your name and details are entered into the official register of Members (at the registered office in England of the Society). So there may be some delay after your membership is accepted before you can vote.  However even if you have not paid membership dues you will generally be eligible for discounts at meetings so long as the dues are paid at that meeting.

Membership Benefits

  1. Discounts at meetings sponsored by ISCMNS. Take advantage of the forthcoming events (see ISCMNS Home Page) -  the discount can more than compensate the annual subscription cost!
  2. Communication with fellow members all over the world.
  3. Members may purchase the ISCMNS DVD-ROM.
  4. Members in good standing (ie who have paid their dues!) may vote and stand for office.
  5. Members may apply to the webmaster@iscmns.org to add a link to their own home page, if this may be of interest to members.
  6. A membership certificate. In Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions, it is common practice for a corporation to use a seal to execute (i.e. sign) contracts.   The seal makes a physical imprint on the paper and is usually counter-signed by appropriate officer(s).   Membership certificates are executed under the seal of the Society.
  7. While stocks last, members who buy a DVD-ROM, book or certificate are entitled to a free copy of BNL "Nuclear Wallet Cards".  Just ask.

 Members can pay their dues securely
and make purchases using a Credit Card or PayPal

         N.B. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account if you have a credit card.

Order the ISCMNS DVD-ROM containing all this website and more at 26
Pay your ISCMNS Membership fee at 30
Buy Proceedings ICCF-11 (Marseilles, France, 2004) at 60
Buy Proceedings ICCF-12 (Japan, 2005) at 60
Buy Proceedings ICCF-13 (Russia, 2007) at 60
Buy Proceedings Asti Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium Loaded Metals (Italy, 1997) at 15

Notes.  All prices include international postage (if applicable).  Not-for-profit institutional membership dues are set at 5 times the individual rate.  Company membership dues are 10 times.   You can use the above links setting the appropriate quantity multiplier.

Disclaimer.  The  contents of this website is the responsibility of the individual authors and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Society.  ISCMNS accepts no responsibility for any reliance on any information contained herein.
Send mail to webmaster@iscmns.org with comments and contributions for this site, or if you would believe something should be removed.
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