7th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium loaded Metals

Ristorante Reale,
Piazza Alfieri 5,
14100 Asti, Italy

Program & Papers

15:00Excursion 5Mb video clip

Saturday 23 September

18:35Posters on Display

Posters of oral presentations are encouraged. A bronze medal was awarded for the best poster paper to Andrei Lipson

PosterXingliu Jiang

Anomalous Nuclear Phenomena Associated with Ultrafast Processes

PosterLi Jing
Zheng ShuXin

Study on the Abnormal Heat of Pd-D2 System

PosterJacques Dufour

The ice calorimeter: a dedicated tool to study anomalous heat effects in metal/hydrogen systems.

PosterAntonio Spallone

Experimental studies on H/Pd over-loading with thin Pd wires and measurements of Resistance Temperature Coefficient


R. C.  Bourgoin

Reciprocal Quantum States Of Hydrogen


"Il Flauto Magico"

Sunday 24 September



09:30William Collis

Opening Address

10:05J. Brown

Collective dipole oscillations in hydrogenated metals

10:40Jacques Dufour

Very sizeable increase of gravitation at picometer distance. A novel working hypothesis to explain anomalous heat effects in certain metal/hydrogen systems.

11:15Coffee Break

11:45Akira Kitamura

In situ Accelerator-Based Characterization of CaO/Sr/Pd Samples under Deuterium Permeation

12:20Xingzhong Li

The Conjecture of Neutrino Emission from Metal Hydrides


Restaurant "Il Flauto Magico"

15:05John Fisher

Palladium fission triggered by polyneutrons

15:40Akito Takahashi

Fusion rates of bosonized condensate Paper

16:15Coffee Break


ISCMNS 3rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

17:05Akito Takahashi

ISCMNS AGM: Hon. President's Address

17:20William Collis

ISCMNS AGM: Hon. Secretary's Report

17:50Jean Paul Biberian

ISCMNS AGM: CMNS Editor's Report

19:30Gala Dinner

Restaurant "Il Flauto Magico".  Awards.  Menu

Monday 25 September

09:00Akito Takahashi

Condensation Force of TSC  Paper

09:35Francesco Celani

Toward the use of nanoparticles for stable excess heat in Pd-D system: progress report at INFN-LNF

10:05Tetsuo Sawada

Brief review of the magnetic monopole

10:45Coffee Break

11:15Rick Cantwell

Activities at Coolescence, Inc.

11:30Francesco Celani

Latest Results on Arata's D2 Reactor

11:40J.P. Biberian

Activity at Marseilles University replicating Arata's Experiment

11:50Vittorio Violante

Progress at ENEA, Frascati

12:25Fulvio Frisone

Theoretical Study of Cold Fusion in Condensed Matter and Analysis of Phases (a, b, g)


Restaurant, "Il Flauto Magico"

14:35Andrei Lipson

Edge plasma effects in ITER-type TOKAMAK caused by an enhancement of DD/DT reaction in metals at high current low energy deuteron bombardment

15:10Jean Paul Biberian

Search for isotopic anomalies in alchemical silver coins from the Nuremberg Museum   Paper

15:45Coffee Break

16:15Tetsuo Sawada

A prototype nuclear cold fusion reaction discovered by theoretical particle physicist

16:40Alexander Karbut

Experimental Substantiation of Possibility for Nuclear Reactions Triggered by Low-Energy Excitation to Proceed in Condensed Matter Medium with Production of Excess Heat, Impurity Nuclides Yield and Penetrating Radiation

17:15Alexader Karabut

Experimental Research on 0.5 - 10.0 keV High-Energy Processes Resulting from Cathode Exposure to the Effect of H2 and D2 Ions Flux in Electrical Discharge.

17:40William Collis

Closing Discussion

18:00Fausto Lanfranco

Round Table: The Status of Cold Fusion today and prospects for the Future


A bronze medal for the Best Poster Paper was awarded to Andrei Lipson


(ISCMNS Extraordinary General Meeting during dinner.)
The resolution "that the Memorandum of Association, be modified by adopting a New Memorandum of Association and that Article 35 in the Articles of Association be deleted", was passed unanimously.  See EGM Minutes