Scientists Acknowledge Responsibilities To:






Members Code of Conduct


In order to uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of their profession, members of ISCMNS shall:


1)      Have due regard to public safety, public health and well-being.

2)      Act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

3)      Discharge their duties to their employer or client in an efficient manner and with integrity.

4)      Not undertake professional, scientific or technological work of such a nature that their education, experience or background has not rendered them competent to perform.

5)      Maintain proprietary information in confidence or obtain prior approval of the owner before disclosing such information to third parties.

6)      Maintain objectivity when reviewing scientific work, publications or journals.

7)      Treat all colleagues, co-workers and students with respect.

8)      Avoid conflicts of interest and if unavoidable, disclose to their client in writing, any substantial interest they may have in any company, firm or person carrying on any contracting, consulting work or manufacturing business which is or may be related to the work for which they are employed, as well as particulars of any royalty accruing to them from any articles or process used in or for the purpose of the work in respect of which they are employed.

9)      Subject to rule 8, not receive either directly or indirectly, any gratuity, commission or other financial benefit in respect of any article or process used in or for the purpose of the work in respect of which they are employed, unless such gratuity, commission or other financial benefit has been authorised, in writing, by their employer or client.

10)  Shall remain current with developments in their field, share ideas and information, keep accurate and complete laboratory records, maintain integrity in all conduct and publications, and give due credit to the contributions of others.  Scientific misconduct, such as fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism are never acceptable.

11)  When publishing a research paper shall ensure that all those and only those who have significantly contributed to the work shall be named as authors.

12)  Make public retractions when they become aware of significant deficiencies in their published work

13)  Not maliciously or recklessly, injure, either directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, prospects or business of any other fellow scientist or fellow member or ISCMNS.

14)  Not misrepresent or permit misrepresentation of their own or their associate’s academic or professional qualifications or resources, nor exaggerate the degree of responsibility for work of a professional nature.

15)  Comments on scientific matters should be made with care and precision, without unsubstantiated, exaggerated, or premature statements.

16)  Shall attempt amicable arbitration of any dispute with a fellow member before resorting to any litigation in the Courts.